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Business directory listings can be a great way to promote your business to users of the internet.

Things you should know about our service.

Free Listings

If you're an Australian Business, you're eledgable for a 100% Free (as in free beer) listing on our directory.
All you need to do is simply register your account and then  submit your link  to the directory.
The downside of free business listings is that they are added in a way that does not add strength to your primary sites search engine ranking.

Paid Listings

Paid listings are similar to Free Listings with one very important difference, they are added in a way that it will add considerable strength to your main sites search engine ranking .
This can help your webpage be seen by many more search engine users and help you add to your businesses bottom line.

Discount Listings

Discounted listings are the same as Paid Listings except they cost less! You can significantly reduce the cost of your business listing by adding what is known as a "Reciprocal Link" to the site you're listing on our business directory.

This is done by inserting the HTML code given to you when you're adding your business and then using the verify feature. Once verified you will be able to purchase your business listing at a special discounted rate.


Featured Listings

Featured listings help your business stand out in your business category by giving your listing preferential treatment with a higher listing position and eye-catching highlighting.

Links from Directories when used properly can improve the Search Engine Optimisation strength of your website, causing it to rank higher on Search Engine Results like Google.
There are two main types of links on {MY_SITE_NAME}, *NoFollow and *DoFollow links.
*NoFollow links on our Directory are Free and can be a great way of increasing traffic to your website, however they *DO NOT HELP* the Search Engine Optimisation of your website.
*DoFollow links are the received by Paid listings and are again a great way of increasing traffic to your website and *DO HELP* the Search Engine Optimisation strength of your website.
So if being found on Search Engines like Google is important to you, its important you have a Paid listing in our directory or risk losing customers to your competitors.
To learn more about helping customers find your business online, speak to a Search Engine Optimisation expert today on 03 9024 5593 (business hours Mon - 

So what are you waiting for? Register your business and get aListed today!